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At Space2… our aim is to give young people a space right in the heart of Newcastle City Centre where they are welcome to come and meet up with friends, access leisure activities and develop their skills.
Space2… Chill is an area where you can purchase refreshments, socialise with friends, watch TV or films and play on Video Game consoles (PS3 and XBOX360) on the projector, or on our game pods. Within Space2… Chill there is also a space to network on the numerous iPads located in our iPad station.
Space2… Do is an area that allows you to partake in the numerous activities that we run. Make sure to check which activities are taking place on a regular basis to make sure you don’t miss anything. When there are no activities running Space2…Do is also an area for you to socialise with friends while enjoying a nice smoothie or coffee from the Space2 refreshment bar.

Space2… Launch is a quieter room that has been designated for people to use one of the numerous Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac computers, or an area to read books or study. We also provide support to help young people improve their CV’s and help them access job opportunities. Make sure you drop in sometime to find out for yourself what Space2… is all about.
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Sean Bullick

"For NE1 Space2…is about two related things; businesses helping to address the issue of youth unemployment, and, providing a recreational facility for young people, thereby demonstrating that they are highly valued and welcome in the city centre as current, and future, workers, consumers and visitors At the point of writing in September 2013, having been open for six months, Space2… has seen 7,500 young people through its doors and is working with around 40 local businesses. While this is fantastic, the programme and what goes on at Space2… is continually evolving and developing, with new ideas and suggestions from businesses and young people always welcome; as was always the intention, what is being delivered must be determined by what Space2’s businesses and young people need.

Youth unemployment affects the whole country, but nowhere more so that in the North East. Providing young people with the skills and assistance they require and linking them directly to employers has been the response of Newcastle’s businesses and is the primary focus of Space2…

Space2… is also a recreational facility for 13-18 year olds and is equipped with all the latest technology including i-pads, X-boxes and a digital film projector. This is the result of a deliberate policy aimed at demonstrating that business is fully prepared to invest in the facility and young people because of their importance to the future of the city’s economy.

On an on-going basis we expect Space2… to grow and go from strength to strength. If you would like to become involved please get in touch"

Jeff Hurst
Newcastle YMCA

"I am really proud to have been involved in setting up SPACE2... It is a unique partnership between a Not for Profit Company, a Community Interest Company and a Charity. We have come together to provide something unique and special for young people coming into the City, a SPACE that is dedicated to meeting their needs. A SPACE that is safe and welcoming where the can be themselves and get any help and support they need.

Most services for young people require them to cross a threshold to access them. For example to live in a certain postcode, have a specific issue or need, such as being drink or drugs misuse, or, be at risk of dropping out of education. We are open to all young people regardless of their circumstances or needs.

The current economic climate has made it hard for all us but the impact on young people is likely effect them for their life time. We are determined to do everything we can to create opportunities that enable them to develop the skills they need to become independent freethinking responsible adults who are in employment; after all they are the future residents, parents, employees and consumers in our city and the future of our city depends on how we treat them.

We can't do it on own and if you have been inspired by what we are trying to achieve then please help us."

Michael Evans
Solar Learning

"Space 2 is an exciting project for Solar Learning to be involved in, working with NE1 and Newcastle YMCA we are trying to do something different in terms of youth facilities in Newcastle. Both the space itself and the programme we are delivering seeks to address the need for a facility for young people with a welcoming environment where they are able to learn, create and build their skills for the modern world.

Since it opened we have already seen a massive engagement from young people which has exceeded our initial expectations. Young people are taking part in activities and courses which aim to develop skills and aspirations around the World of Work and employment, as well as develop their creativity, enterprise and encourage innovation. To do this we believe that it needs a unified approach involving youth agencies, businesses and the wider community of partner agencies. The World of Work programme exemplifies this approach with NE1 member businesses meeting young people and supporting their career aspirations and exploring potential career pathways with them. From Solar Learning’s perspective there is a keen desire to re-imagine youth facilities.

Space 2 aims to re-imagine what youth facilities can be. In the time it has been open it has demonstrated a need for this type of facility for young people. Additionally the businesses, parents and other organisations that have been involved in delivering activities and courses in the facility have told us that there is a need for more of this type of facility for young people."

We work with local businesses and organisations to provide young local people with learning opportunities and support.
Apple provides Space2... with key IT equipment, support and training. Space2... gives young people an opportunity to freely use a selection of iMacs, iBooks and iPads supported with the latest software to foster youth development and creative thinking.
Eldon Square
Eldon Square has donated vouchers for the Space2... staff to use in competitions. Eldon Square also runs a funded arts programme with young people who hang out on Eldon Green, to develop their skills and creative thinking.
In the future Space2... and Fenwick are planning to create support opportunities for young people to help them develop their employability and CV writing skills.

This is an area which Space2... sees a fundamental part of youth development.
John Lewis
John Lewis’ visual merchandise team helped our staff to create our Space2... window display. John Lewis also participates in our World at Work programme helping young people understand what skills they need to work in retail. John Lewis also donates vouchers for our Space2... team to use in competitions and goody bags for the young people at Space2...
Game have provided Space2... with two Xbox 360 game pods for the young people to freely use. Game also change the game every week for free.

Game have also been pro-active in running tournaments and lending new games to Space2...
Lloyds offer support directly to young people at Space2 through talks and sessions hosted by their branch managers, which develop and foster an understanding of banking, finance and money management. Lloyds are also actively involved in our World of Work programme.
World Headquarters
World Headquarters actively participate in the World of Work programme and work with young people to help them identify the keys skills required to work in the entertainment and leisure industry.

Sintons Law
Sintons Law are key players in the ymca's World of Work programme. Their marketing and PR team directly offer support to young people at Space2..., helping them to understand key skills in finance and marketing. Sintons also help foster the development of Space2...'s marketing strategy and actively offer training and law and management to Space2 staff.
Greggs are a key player in the World of Work programme. Greggs work directly with young people at Space2... and help them to identify the skills required to work in the food industry.
Newcastle College
Provide a careers advisor, course taster sessions and learning programmes.
Newcastle Futures
Provide a job advisor to run a job club on a Thursday evening.
Newcastle University
Recruit students on placement to Support learning activities.
Barclays Bank
Provide support to young entrepreneurs as part of the Business Sparks programme.
Metro Radio
Participate in the World of Work programme.
RIBA and RIBA Enterprises
Planning a number of projects including the World of Work programme.
Newcastle United Foundation
Providing learner programmes and support.
Northumbria University
Recruit students on placement to Support learning activities.
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